"It finally happened..."

I understand that it's considered unseemly for adult publications to arrive as is, so they put them into gray plastic bags, lest those of us with weak constitution be plunged into a shock...
I can even understand why the same rule applies to Out, although it gives me a pause.
I can try to understand why they would do the same with Advocate, although that's pushing it.
But why the cheesy, but innocuous Details is being victimized by this... is just beyond me.

As the result of my paid membership, I ended up being subscribed to all three.
And today all three have arrived.
All wrapped.
Naturally I was riding the elevator with two old ladies and a pregnant lady, all three suspiciously eying the bounty in my hands.

Am officially a pervert.

UPD Just how many mistake can one make in one sentence? Jeez. Should be all readable now.
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This should not be so hard....

Just spent 3 hours writing a one-page abstract for a conference I'm - probably - going to attend in Moscow in November. The trick is, it needed to be in Russian.

If you think that's not a problem, think again. I don't write in Russian very often - don't really have any reason to. Speak - yes, write - no. Of course, I don't remember the layout of the Russian keyboard, and of course I don't have any Russian character stickers on my MacBook Pro (yup, it has arrived and I like it so much, I'm getting worried) - or on any other machine I have owned for the last five years for that matter... So I actually had to use the on-screen keyboard from the Accessibility tools, which is roughly equivalent to slowly typing with one finger. That just about drove me mad.

Urgh. Writing in one's mother-tongue should not be this difficult
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Another one bites the dust.

Friends only

So yes.
For some reason I have been thinking about LJ lately - mostly about the fact that I haven't written anything in quite a few years. Interestingly, it's destroycreate's entry that got me thinking. Why do I write - or rather not write? Entertain others? Journal my daily routine? Socialize? Naturally we all a bit exhibitionists here - otherwise we wouldn't have kept these things online - but folks tend to do it for different reasons.
And it just occurred to me - with the possibility of anyone reading this, I can never be honest - with myself and others. In a way, I morph into this strange wax-like imprint of me that is perhaps likable and socially acceptable, but has very little to do with me. Let's face it, there are parts of me that I myself consider rather unfortunate, pathetic even... and knowing that the audience is potentially wide simply prevents me from writing down anything, so...yes. Friends only.